Safety Services Company

Here at Home or Away, Inc., the safety and health of our employees and satisfaction of our clients is the company’s first consideration. The way to create an accident-free and healthy work environment is through continual training and testing, by which all Home or Away employees must comply. A vibrant culture of safety relies on consistent concerns for safer, healthier work habits, and constant improvement of Home or Away injury and illness prevention program, through cooperation and commitment throughout the organization. It is the practice of this company to comply with all laws and regulations to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Home or Away, Inc. strives to maintain an occupational injury and illness prevention program (IIPP) that conforms to industry best practices for organizations of this type. The company’s objective is an IIPP that reduces the number of work place incidences to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the best experience of operations similar to ours. Home or Away, Inc. is compliant with federal and state regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries.

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