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As a successful developer of a Private Home Care Provider, I worked hard to create a warm and caring environment for the elderly. I was then called away to care for my aging family. My Great Grandmother at age 93, Great Grandmother 89, Grandmother 91 and Grandfather at age 92 all gave me valuable insight in caring for the elderly. This experience inspired me to start a unique organization of home care professionals with a renewed desire to create a caring and nurturing level of care.

I didn’t set out to pursue a career in nursing, but was compelled to do so after working with the elderly. After becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant, I was trained as a Restorative Technician and Central Supply Clerk. These certifications gave me the ability to persue my dream of developing my own Home Care Service. Home or Away, Inc. is a professional provider that meets the needs of the elderly in our sorrounding area.

Through community based programs, we have service available to insure that their needs are met, giving you the confidence to keep your loved one in their home.

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